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Superior quality ear drops

We’ve masterfully formulated a propriety blend of essential oils from nature, which include basil, oregano and helichrysum infused with a high grade omega 9 carrier oil. These ingredients are well known for their beneficial properties which reduces discomfort.

Gentle ear discomfort relief

Our all-natural serum provides fast and effective relief to reduce the symptoms of ear issues! It’s a non-irritating and safe treatment for a homeopathic remedy for all ages. Our proprietary blends of the best essential oils are completely safe formulations that work impressively well with no side effects.

Earwax removal aid

Sypera drops features

Safe ear wax removal drops

Easily and effectively unclog ears from the comfort of own home using the power of Sypera ear drops. Now can extract ear wax, debris, or excess moisture (swimmer's ear) safely and cleanly.

At home ear canal maintenance

The earwax softening drops can keep ears free of bothersome wax and buildup. This new way of cleaning is different with this new type of ear cleaning kit. Sypera ear cleaning products are hand made and packaged.

Formulated for sensitive ears

No harsh chemicals. Made without harsh chemicals, mea, dea, parabens, solvents making it the best ear cleaner for sensitive ears. Quickly, easily and effectively eliminates ear issues and wax buildup.

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Product details

  • Safely and effectively removes ear wax in the privacy of own home.
  • Softens, loosens and removes earwax.
  • Safe, gentle, non irritating.
  • Easily cleanses ear.
  • Easy to apply drops.
  • Safe for children, ages above 12.
  • For safe and effective irrigation in the home setting.

Sypera kit includes

1x earclear, 1x ear washer, 20 disposable tips and 1 ear basin.


Pour into one ear from 5 to 10 drops trying not to get out. For better ear care, keep head tilted for a few minutes or insert a wad of cotton wool in ear to prevent drops from coming out. Repeat the drip 2 times a day for 4 days. Wax residues can be rinsed with water in the shower.