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Earn A Living Buying & Selling Domain Names

Earn A Living Buying & Selling Domain Names

Selling domain names can be a massive income producer if your able to locate and sell domain names that have a high volume of traffic or that are directly related to a popular product or service. These domain names can make thousands for their owners with very little effort. There are many stories even to this very day where the sale of a single domain names produced millions of dollars in profit. This business is not only for experienced webmasters, anyone with a little knowledge can make a constant income buy and selling domain names. This article will give you the information you need to profit in this business via an easy to follow guide.

The first thing you need to do is find a word on a search engine for example Google that is highly used and search for a word that is not used by many websites. The best tool to search would be buying a keyword analyzer. The reason you would want to buy this program instead of using free analyzers is that the paid versions are updated more frequently so they show more accurate results and tells you of all the competition your up against with your keywords.

At this point you will want to create a website for your domain name, it could be very simple. Write a article related to your keyword using a easy word document and save the file as a HTML. Once your website is released to the world you will need to focus on building the sites traffic to get unique and multiple viewers. Now you will need to post your site to any free sites such as classified ads or directories. After doing so you’ll want to start up link exchange with other websites. You can do this by emailing the webmaster or finding a link exchange network that allows webmasters to exchange links with each other.

You goal now is to keep building up your links until you get a good flow of traffic and eventually you’ll get your website & domain listed in all the major search engines. If your rating is good you can find a domain name appraiser to see how much your name is worth at which point you can decide weather you want to sell it or continue increasing the domain names rankings.

When your ready to put your domain name up for sale I would suggest using online auctions, classifieds and even directly call up businesses locally that are in that market for what your domain name is targeted towards to quickly sell the domain name. After your domain name sells you will need to transfer over your account, your domain register will allow you to do this at NO cost to you or the buyer.

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