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Buying Expired Domain names

You must consider your URLs as an additional opportunity to place your most important keywords. For example, if you have a website on the sale of green rabbit your domain name should ideally contain those keywords, without becoming too long and impossible to remember. You can use the separator character “-” to separate your keywords. See the advantages and disadvantages of such a strategy:

• You may find the domain name that perfectly suits your business, because it
becomes increasingly difficult to find valuable domain names that are free.

• You will benefit from the traffic of your online site.

• If your site offers similar services, eventually you’ll get the regulars of the site used the domain name above.

• You will not inherit the Pagerank of your predecessor: see message Googleguy.

• All backlinks will be reset so no advantage in ranking on Google: See message Googleguy where they explain that a filter has been put in place to prevent abuse of expired domain names.

Take an expired domain name therefore has no advantage in terms of ranking on Google because neither the PageRank or backlinks are transmitted, that said, this practice can bring you traffic if you choose your domain name:

• Take a domain name that pointed to a site whose language was the same as the site you plan to upload. In fact if your site is in French and that the previous site was in German it does you will be only moderately useful as the sole interest of such a practice is to recover the previous site traffic. To check the language you can visit the site in question, see the Google cache or check at archive. org

• Check that the previous site treated about the same subject as yours so that the links pointing to your NDD contain texts and descriptions relevant to your future website. You can then hope to recover those who enter your site through links that already exist if you offer a similar service. Remember, these existing links will not be of any use in the positioning in Google.

• If you plan to sell books on education hamster a good choice with no risk could be

To help you in your search for domain names I recommend the site Domainsbot. This site allows you to search not only of free fields by entering a keyword that interests you, but also expired domains or offered for sale by their owners.

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